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The Very Best in Chocolate Fountains, Candy Floss, Popcorn, Mr Whippy, Slush, Photobooths and much more

Call us 07722 439511  / [email protected]

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The Very Best in Chocolate Fountains, Candy Floss, Popcorn, Mr Whippy, Slush, Photobooths and much more

Call us 07722 439511  / [email protected]

Everything is better with ....Candy Buffets, Chocolate Fountains, Candy Floss, Popcorn Carts, Waffles, Hot Dogs, Slush, Nachos, Pick n Mix, Mr Whippy, Cornetto Soft or a Candy Cart!!

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We just thought that, as well as showing lots of lovely pictures of people enjoying tasty chocolate fountains, candy floss, ice cream and stuff it would be a great opportunity to share our passion for all things delicious and hopefully inspire some creativity to help with your future events!!


By Candy Buffets, Dec 7 2014 11:12PM

While there will always be a place in our hearts for sweet and salted popcorn the times they are a changing and these fairly limited choices in popcorn flavours are changing with it!

Whether you are a fan of the more sweet or savoury end of the palettte there seem to be no limits to the range of delightul flavours with which the mighty popped corn is now finding itself paired and we are enjoying the adventure of delving into this new world with great abandon!! Like a weirdly corn-focussed Heston Blumenthal you'll often find us engrossed in experiments with a freshly popped batch that bring taste combinations to a level that would make Fanny Craddock weep.

We've also found some brillant recipes out there in internet-land and there does actually seem to be nothing that popcorn can't be matched with to create a delicious and pretty healthy treat!

We've expanded our popcorn cart hire offer to include a bespoke popcorn hire service, with an almost infinitesimal range of flavours on offer if you're looking for a really different way to treat your guests!!

Examples of flavours:

Salt and Vinegar (of course!)

Buttered Maple and Spice

Chaat Masala

Sesame Popcorn

Cool Ranch

Chilli Lime Tequila

Rosemary Infused Olive Oil, Dark Chocolate and Salt


Caramel Apple

Sweet and Spicy Wasabi

and much much more!!

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The Candy Buffets Blog!

The Candy Buffets Blog!