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The Very Best in Chocolate Fountains, Candy Floss, Popcorn, Mr Whippy, Slush, Photobooths and much more

Call us 07722 439511  / [email protected]

Credit Cards Taken For Your Chocolate Fountain, Candy Floss, Popcorn, Nachos, Hire etc

The Very Best in Chocolate Fountains, Candy Floss, Popcorn, Mr Whippy, Slush, Photobooths and much more

Call us 07722 439511  / [email protected]

Everything is better with ....Candy Buffets, Chocolate Fountains, Candy Floss, Popcorn Carts, Waffles, Hot Dogs, Slush, Nachos, Pick n Mix, Mr Whippy, Cornetto Soft or a Candy Cart!!

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We just thought that, as well as showing lots of lovely pictures of people enjoying tasty chocolate fountains, candy floss, ice cream and stuff it would be a great opportunity to share our passion for all things delicious and hopefully inspire some creativity to help with your future events!!


By Candy Buffets, Jul 16 2014 07:25PM

Straight in from the US of A here we have our New Gehls Hot Top 2 Nacho Cheese Warmer!!!!!

With new arrived supplies of only-the-best Cheese (and a large amount of help) from the very very wonderful Christine at (they are great) we are now up and running with this very smashing cheese dispenser and are no longer reliant on frustrating tubs and a ridicuous waste of packaging (and cheese).

Also, it looks cool (or maybe i'm just turning into a proper catering geek!!)

From hereon in, all Nacho Machine Hire will come with the Hot Top 2 and your guests will love its smooth action and cheesey goodness!!

(Dont forget, Nacho Hire also comes with Jalapenos for those among you who like things a bit spicy!)

By Candy Buffets, Jun 25 2014 08:12PM

Well, funnily enough we have just added a bunch of new Inflatable Photo Booths to our wide range of great things to have at your special occasion! So, whether you're planning a wedding, bar mitzvah, sweet sixteen, prom or any other celebration, don't forget that everyone loves dressing up a little bit weird and getting their photo taken in a dark room in outsize glasses and a rasta wig... it's apparently written into our DNA!!! Check us out at The Superbooth for all your photobooth needs!!

The Superbooth Inflatable Photo Booth
The Superbooth Inflatable Photo Booth

By Candy Buffets, Jun 23 2014 08:42PM

Not sure how to get your little princess to her birthday party? Is the Vauxhall Corsa in the garage and not sure of the bus routes to the venue?

Here's an idea from a 4-year-old's birthday party this weekend........ Why not have her turn up in a glass slipper type princess carriage drawn by a pair of white horses?!

Once inside, this lucky birthday girl and her guests enjoyed a wealth of tasty delights, with our Chocolate Fountain and Candy Floss a real hit with the children! For those of a more health conscious palate, the fruit display was to die for!!

So, thats the transport ideas sorted then, if you need us to provide the treats jut let us know!

Princess Party Candy Buffets
Princess Party Candy Buffets
Chocolate Fountain and Candy Floss
Chocolate Fountain and Candy Floss

By guest, May 12 2014 07:46PM

While Candy Buffets have been bringing the joy of fun foods to all of your events for several years, we're quite new to talking about it blog style so bear with us while we find our bearings and get into the flow of things!!

We'll be using this space not only to keep you updated with pics and reviews from our recent events, highlight special offers etc but also to share ideas, give assistance and support you in delivering the best events possible! So whether you're planning that once-in-a-lifetime Wedding, your annual business conference or a weekly get-together which needs a bit of Wow-Factor to give it a bit of zest, feel free to ask questions, discuss your thoughts and makes comments (keep them constructive please! our webmaster will act as overseer to make sure he reigns in any wildness!!)

So, thanks for listening and let's be careful out there......

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The Candy Buffets Blog!

The Candy Buffets Blog!